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exclusively for Medical and Pharmaceutical Representatives

Our Vision

To be the first choice provider of competence assessments for healthcare representatives in South Africa through the provision of relevant, credible, up-to-date and affordable assessment opportunities.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of service of Medical and Pharmaceutical Representatives in Southern Africa through provision of relevant, credible, current and standardised assessments and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities.

To recognise and promote the role of Medical and Pharmaceutical Representatives and their contribution to healthcare delivery and positive patient outcomes. 

Our Values


Provide quality products. Excel in client focused service.


Take pride in our work and honour our commitments. Demonstrate integrity in all that we do.


Pursue growth and learning of self and others.


Appreciate and build relationships with those who share our purpose.


Pharmaceutical companies have produced and continue to produce effective medicines and modern health care would hardly exist without them. As the healthcare environment becomes more complex and access to healthcare professionals continues to become ever more restricted, medical representatives remain a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners. Getting sales representatives in front of doctors is still one of the most effective ways to present the "story" of a drug.

The image of representatives simply trying to sell as many products as possible, is misleading. Patient-centricity is becoming an increasingly important aspect for pharmaceutical companies. Medical representatives are now not simply dealing with prescribers; they are dealing directly with a combination of prescribers, patients and policy makers all of whom have a localised view on what works best. Following previous decades of focus on new molecules and their isomers, today the industry is driven by technologic advancements, capitalising on big data and providing innovative holistic treatment solutions. Creating teams that are focused on these unique demands, gives pharmaceutical and medical companies the competitive edge.

Medical and pharmaceutical representatives responsible for building a network with healthcare practitioners to promote product awareness, answer queries regarding usage of products and help introduce new products - face the challenge of gaining real face time with doctors to present products and build credible and trustworthy relationships with healthcare practitioners

If the Healthcare practitioners feels they are getting value from a medical rep, they will be willing to and embrace having further face-to-face interactions. Whilst product knowledge is key for medical sales representatives, effective communication of brand messages and the knowledge of the disease areas, outcomes and interventions as well as how the company’s own product fits in with the competitive landscapes is essential. The focus has shifted from selling products to offering an all-encompassing customised value proposition.

The more controlled and regulated industry we see now, compared to ten years ago is characterised by an increased emphasis on ensuring a competent sales force.  After careful review of the value proposition of medical and pharmaceutical representatives it has become clear that a person who represents their organisation to healthcare practitioners requires a different skillset to adapt to the changing environment. They need to be experts in their area of work, deliver outstanding service to their clients and their competence must enable sales effectiveness while at all times remain focused on positive patient outcomes. It is for this reason that ExpertRep has been developed. First of its kind in South Africa, ExpertRep provides sales representatives and teams with assessment tools to test and validate their competence in all aspects of their profession including technical, clinical, personal, governance and engagement skills.

ExpertRep’s uniqueness lies with the fact that it not only identifies gaps in the skills of individual representatives, but also provides the Sales Manager with feedback, through an independent, objective standardised tool.  ExpertRep promotes another key benefit, the establishment of benchmarking data which can be used by sales managers and sales force effectiveness champions to analyse the effectiveness of the training curriculum and make relevant and cost-effective adjustments.

This credible, sustainable, relevant competence assessment and validation platform is designed to cover everything that sales and marketing managers are looking for, and, more importantly, what health care practitioners are looking for. Representatives benefit from performance feedback and can readily see how they measure up to their peers in their teams and in the industry in specific to each performance category, represented into the Five Pillars of Competence. This helps them focus on improving their skills in the field, without limited interruption of working hours, making personal development a key focus for the team.  ExpertRep has the added benefit of recognising sales representatives who are committed to their personal development and interested in growing the status of medical and pharmaceutical representatives into a recognised role-player of improving patient outcomes.

Assessments performed by ExpertRep are developmental in nature and are based on performance indicators   that   were   developed   together   with   health care practitioners, sales managers, marketing managers, representatives, training managers and trainers within the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries.  Research included study of relevant job descriptions, job advertisements, international sales force effectiveness articles and competence assessment tools. Whether a large pharmaceutical company or a recruitment agent looking to assess candidates, ExpertRep provides the quality assurance the healthcare industry has been looking for and is slowly becoming a necessity, rather than a need.

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