Gain insight in to what your sales team knows

Would you like to know if your team…

  • Understands the new marketing strategy?

  • Can interpret and discuss the new clinical trial?

  • Know their competitors?

Know that the sales team

  • Understands the marketing message to be communicated to clients
  • Is empowered to overcome almost all objections which they are challenged with 
  • Understands the clinical evidence which supports the strategy
  • Can use clinical evidence to the optimum benefit of the product, the healthcare provider and the patient.
  • Takes responsibility for their own personal development
  • Has confidence in their own abilities which drives performance

Topics exclusively for you


Assess your team’s  product knowledge with no marking of assignments and consolidating of results.

Examples of assessments

Product knowledge
  • Detail aid knowledge
  • Detail aid use skills
  • Competitor knowledge
  • Handling specific objections


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