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Data management of personal and other site data.

Full policy

We keep our site updated and have expert consultants who advise us on up-to-date security threats and mitigation tactics as well as regulations and strategies to protect our user’s personal information. This policy applies to the following services:

  •      use of this website and all of its pages
  •      use of the subdomain sites as well as any electronic communication
  •      purchases and/or subscriptions related to the use of ExpertRep products or services

 Please read this policy carefully and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Log in details

Please keep your login details secure. We have strict password policies and hide user data where applicable.


We only use images and visual presentations with permission and/or acknowledgement or under the creative commons license and share alike. We acknowledge those who developed information which we share and do so in the best interest of healthcare practitioners, representatives and patients.

Protection of personal information

The type of personal information which is collected includes: names, email addresses, telephone numbers, usernames, login activities and employer data. We collect the data when a user registers, purchases or uses our services, completes a contact form or attempts to or completes an online assessment opportunity. Financial agreements are managed independently from this site and sensitive information pertains mostly to performance results and activity durations of users on the site.

How do we use personal information?

We develop reports for line managers, sales force effectiveness managers or other organisational role-players to best manage and empower their sales force. We send reports or reminders to individuals to encourage and motivate them to invest in their own personal development. We use historical information to guide internal decision making on products, services and new business development. Reports are sent via email or other secure electronic communication channel.

When we gather or source information from third parties we share these on our site to assist the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries to improve their services, product offerings and healthcare delivery. We represent the original source of the information where at all possible. We take no responsibility for the effects, either harmful or indifferent, which the content or use of these sites may cause. We save personal data for a minimum of two years as per SAMA (South African Medical Association) requirements for CPD accredited activities. We do not regularly remove dormant users and their associated data but do suspend users accounts at regular intervals, as per agreement with the individual or their employer. Data from 2016 is saved for obtaining intelligence to guide future decision making.

Legal bases for which we process personal data

We obtain consent of each user when they agree to the site policy at first time of login. We offer users an option to accept the terms and conditions of the site usage policy as set out in this document when submitting a contact request form. Our business purpose provides us with a legitimate interest in the information which we gather. We do so in the interest of the public and commit to living our values as communicated on our website. Should you wish to withdraw from using the site, you are welcome to submit a request to that effect in writing and we will endeavour to suspend, remove or delete your information within a reasonable time. You can contact us at to request any change in your details.

Securing personal data

We value your privacy and our approach is to protect data and share personal data only if it may lead to the benefit of the individual. We prevent unauthorised access to our platform through a login process and adhere to stringent username and password policies as advised to us through our website partners. We keep our site updated through trusted external parties. We cannot guarantee accidental loss of information, but we keep tight control by login and IP address change notifications and keeping our security settings and plugins of our sites updated. We do not allow any unauthorised access to the site and frequently review the history of activities.

User rights in relation to personal data

We respect the right of data subjects to access and control their personal data. All users have the right to access their own personal information. Users have the right to correct and delete and to withdraw their consent at any given time. They have the right to restrict processing of their data.

Automated decision-making and profiling

We have the option of using individual data for automated decision-making to improve our product and service offering to our clients. We may share this information with our clients or potential clients. For further information on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) visit the Information Commissioner’s Office site.

 Policy updated 29 January 2021 aligned to GDPR legislation which came into effect on 25 May 2018.

 Last modified: Friday, 14 April 2021, 9:25 AM