x Select duration of access: Select access to questionnaires for 1 or 12 months. Select the date on which you would like to activate your access and your preferred payment option.

x Launch to team:  A short PowerPoint has been developed for you to launch the ExpertRep process and benefits to your team in 30 minutes.

x Competencies assessed: Team members will receive login details upon confirmation of registration and can complete questionnaires at their own pace or according to the team leader’s action plan.

  • Each topic consists of 60 randomly selected questions.
  • A representative has 5 attempts to achieve a 70% result to receive a badge per topic which will be active for 2 years from date awarded.
  • Questionnaires can be accessed at any time, complete some questions and return later.

x View results: Representatives obtain their results immediately after submission and a badge is awarded for 70% or higher performances. Team leaders view performance results any time in real time.

x Receive recommendations: Qualitative feedback can be provided on request.  An analysis of areas of improvement and recommendations on development per individual or per team can be conducted on request at a nominal fee.

ExpertRep does not provide training

We maintain complete objectivity in assessment of your team competence by not offering any learning intervention or training. We will gladly recommend training providers aligned to your business need.

ExpertRep does not offer recruitment services

We support recruitment agents who work towards matching healthcare representatives to suitable positions where they can add value and grow as individuals.

If you offer recruitment or placement services to healthcare representatives and medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries, please contact us if you would like to assess competencies of prospective representatives.