Resources to support new and experiences representatives to add value to healthcare practitioners in a professional, ethical and efficient manner can be found here.  Resources are selected to empower medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives and consultants to provide a value-added service the the healthcare industry in the best interest of industry stakeholders and with the end goal of positive patient outcomes in mind.

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - Tools to help representatives with marketing and selling their products and services [click to read more]
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Selling skills
Territory management
Basic principles of marketing
Calendar of special days
GOVERNANCE EXCELLENCE - Tools to help representatives to conduct themselves in an ethical manner and work in accordance with industry [click here to read more]
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Code of conduct for pharmaceutical representativesMarketing CodeMCA Geekie
Code of conduct for medical device representativesSAMED codeSAMED Geekie
Healthcare regulations in South AfricaSouth African healthcare regulations National Department of Health (NDoH) Geekie
Healthcare policies in South Africa South African healthcare policiesNational Department of Health (NDoH) Geekie
Country healthcare reportsAnnual healthcare reportsNational Department of Health (NDoH) Geekie
South African hospital patient information assessment policyPatient information assessment policy in South African hospitalsNational Department of Health (NDoH) Geekie
Ethical conduct
Medical aid legislation
Managed healthcare
MCC/SAPHRASouth African Health Product Regulatory AuthorityWelmoed Geekie
PERSONAL EXCELLENCE - Tools to help representatives to work efficiently and develop and grow themselves to be effective and efficient representatives [click to read more]
Trauma counsellingTrauma counsellor
Anita Giovanonni at LifeworxLifeworx
Life coachingLife coachAnita Giovanonni at LifeworxLifeworx
Team-buildingTeam-building Anita Giovanonni at LifeworxLifeworx
Motivational talksMotivational talksAnita Giovanonni at LifeworxLifeworx
National credit buro (1 sentence and link)
How to buy a car
How to budget
TaxTax consultant
Manage my financesFinancial plannerLink to banks free training on personal financial health
Safe and comfortable accommodation
CLINICAL EXCELLENCE - Tools to help representatives to understand and interpret clinical information [click to read more]
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Antimicrobial resistanceABPI
Diabetes 16+ABPI
Nervous system
Pathogens and the immune system
Interpreting clinical trials
Anatomy, physiology & pathophysiology
SEMDSA guidelines
ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE - Tools to help representatives to communicate effectively and professionally and to build sustainable business relations [click to read more]
CPD and workshop Venues
Conference venues
Catering - Pretoria NorthDelivery or collection of catering for small and large groupsCoffee Junction Cafe
Phone Duncan or Rozanne
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