Pillars of Competence

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - Manage own territory aligned to marketing strategy and organisational objectives [click to read more]
  • Adding value to healthcare practitioners
  • Adding value in theater
  • Adding value in pharmacy
  • Sales territory management
  • Public sector key account management
  • Marketing principles and practices
GOVERNANCE EXCELLENCE - Making the right choices: understanding ethical and professional conduct in private and public healthcare, on group and individual levels [click here to read more]
  • Medical device code of ethical marketing and business practices – the SAMED Code
  • Ethical marketing in the healthcare sector – The Marketing Code
  • Medical aids – principles and practices
  • South African healthcare management
  • Adverse events reporting – available soon
PERSONAL EXCELLENCE - Work efficiently through safe, effective and cost-effective conduct to the benefit of business, self and clients [click to read more]
  • Finance for the representative: personal and client finances
  • Organisation, administration and time management
  • Healthy lifestyle – quality of life
  • Safe and efficient travelling in Southern Africa
CLINICAL EXCELLENCE - Interpret clinical information on diseases and disorders [click to read more]
  •  Allergies – treatment and symptom relief
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the human body
  • Asthma management
  • Principles of pharmacology
  • Immunology and vaccines
  • Introduction to oncology
  • Dental and oral health
  • Interpreting clinical trials
  • Introduction to dermatology
  • Introduction to diabetes
  • Pain management
ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE - Engage in an emotionally intelligent manner with healthcare professionals in a sales environment [click to read more]
  • Emotionally intelligent engagement with healthcare practitioners in a sales environment
  • Professional online communication and participation in social media
  • Managing objections, doubts and resistance to switching
  • Professional conduct on the job
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