Gain insight in to what your sales team knows

Would you like to know if your team…

  • Understands the new marketing strategy?

  • Can interpret and discuss the new clinical trial?

  • Know their competitors?

Know that the sales team

  • Understands the marketing message to be communicated to clients
  • Is empowered to overcome almost all objections which they are challenged with 
  • Understands the clinical evidence which supports the strategy
  • Can use clinical evidence to the optimum benefit of the product, the healthcare provider and the patient.
  • Takes responsibility for their own personal development
  • Has confidence in their own abilities which drives performance

Topics exclusively for you

Your own exclusive questionnaire is published within 10 working days.

Examples of assessments

Product knowledge

  • Detail aid knowledge
  • Detail aid use skills
  • Competitor knowledge
  • Handling specific objections


Report on results of the whole team emailed within 5 working days after date of completion of questionnaire.
If you would like a questionnaire to be developed exclusively for your team, contact us for a non-obligatory quote. 
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