x  Peace of mind that the sales team understands the marketing message to be communicated to clients. Assess their understanding and application of key messages.

x  Peace of mind that the sales team understands the clinical evidence which supports your strategy.  Empower team members to overcome objections and use clinical evidence to the optimum benefit of the product, the healthcare provider and the patient.

x  Focus training resources only on those who need it. Don’t send the whole team on training, first find out who needs it.

x  Promote responsibility of individual learning.  Provide assessment opportunities for team members to develop themselves.

x  Give your team confidence in their abilities. Positive assessment outcomes boosts confidence which drives performance.

Questionnaires on the topics in the 5 Pillars of Competence have been developed to capacitate committed healthcare representatives across the industry. If you would like to assess your team on your own organisation specific topics, contact us to discuss the development of an assessment exclusively for your team

The cost per assessment depends on the topic, the number of team members and the required date. Request a non-obligatory quote to get an idea how much it would cost for your team.