Providing assessment of medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives in the healthcare industry

ExpertRep provides sales representatives with assessment tools to assess and validate their competencies across all job requirements.
Continuous assessment of representatives’ competencies keeps them, and their managers informed.
Representatives complete questionnaires, collect badges, take responsibility for and enjoy their own development.
My whole team truly understands, not only the top performers, but everybody is on board.
Taryn Purdon

Business Unit Manager

It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’s modern. Much better than the old paper way. I really like it.
Khwezi Mabaso

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

I love this! Easy no fuss assessment.
Carien Erasmus

Pharmaceutical Representative

I find it very interesting. I enjoy it tremendously. I enjoy doing the research on the questions. I realise that there are so many things which I have forgotten. As soon as I get to the right answer, I remember that I have actually learnt it before. I like the challenge and enjoy spending time completing the questions.
Gerhard Doubell

Medical Device Business Consultant

I love that we can do this on our own time. It is relaxed and I even do a few questions in front of the TV sometimes. And if I don’t get it right the first time it is not a train smash. I actually remember the questions when I go back a second time, this really helps me to learn. I like having to go back to a question and after a second attempt realising “I’ve got this now”. I am learning more and more every time I complete a few questions – growing my knowledge consistently. It’s awesome!

Chriscel van Heerden

Pharmaceutical Representative

The Organisation, administration and time management topic makes you think about how you spend your time and provides great ideas on better planning your day.

Michele Wolff

Pharmaceutical Representative

It is a great learning platform. The product questionnaires help me a lot to improve my knowledge. The assessments on the open platform cover a wide variety of topics. Most topics are extremely relevant and improve not only one’s general knowledge but one’s thinking as well.

Jaco de Klerk

Product Specialist

I really enjoy the experience of using ExpertRep. The availability of different topics increases my overall knowledge.  I am always looking forward to the new challenge of the next  topic and I am having fun doing them. I definitely recommend ExpertRep.
Lizette du Plessis

Medical Device Representative

It was very helpful, especially the diabetic session. It’s very easy for someone who doesn’t know a lot about it to learn quickly. The questions are spot on. It helped me a lot and I’ve learned so many new things. I would suggest that more people take part in ExpertRep, they are truly amazing.
Andrew Makgamatha

Medical Device Business Consultant

I have enjoyed it overall. I have learnt a lot. I must say it is not easy easy, but that is the point. Some topics are quite challenging, especially the governance related topics, where I can be a bit more clued up. It is easy to work with. While I am waiting for a doctor it remains open. I can do 3 or 4 questions and easily pick up later. I’ve never lost any of my answers. I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s always nice to learn.

Leigh Johnson

Pharmaceutical Representative

Some of the assignments are quite interesting – Pharmaceutical industry language, and Finance were great to keep the mind stimulated. Otherwise, overall been a very interesting time to learn so thank you!

Pharmaceutical Representative

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